“Lullaby” featured in New Poetry from the Midwest 2017


“The Valley,” “In a Land Where Everything is Already Trying to Kill Me, I Enter a New Phase of My Life in which It Would Be Very Bad If I Died,” 32 Poems (forthcoming)

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Reviews, Prose Features, Multi-Media

“Relaxation Tape” and “Relaxation Tape” featured on Speedway & Swan episode 44 with Maggie Smith, February 2019

“Personal Ruin,” read by Jenna Vagle, as part of MSU-Mankato’s National Poetry Month Video Project, 2016

“The Swerve”: G.C. Waldrep’s “Sacred Harp Convention as Dream Figure,” 32 Poems, 2015

“Forms of Surprise,” The Writer’s Block, 2015

Reviews for SCOUT

Review of Valerie Wetlaufer‘s Mysterious Acts by My People, Quarterly West, 2014

“Asking for the Moon”: James Henry Knippen’s “Moon,” 32 Poems, 2013


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